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"We repeatedly identified ourselves as journalists. The police asked us why we were out. I told them, the same reason that they were out, that we had a job to do, that as journalists it’s our job to be out here. They took us to the jail."


Ryan Devereaux, reporter for The Intercept

He was shot with a rubber bullet and detained over night while reporting on the protests in Ferguson, Missouri. Click here to watch his interview on Democracy Now! today.

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Still waiting for actual evidence of Darren Wilson’s supposed injuries and also the time that they were inflicted. So far all I’ve seen is rumor and lots of celebratory hooting and hollering from conservative news mills.

Also it still doesn’t matter if Brown hit him or not, what…

If You Honestly Believe Darren Wilson Was Attacked, YOU ARE WRONG.


The media wants you to believe anything they feed you, but with a little research you can make your own opinions.

The Catscan photo of Wilson’s supposed “Orbital Fracture” is not only counterfeit, but plagiarized

If you kindly visit the University of Iowa Optometry and…



A little peace and normalcy #for #ferguson
Keep people aware of what’s going on in Ferguson but lets post some positive stuff for those in ferguson that are browsing tags. Use “For Ferguson”

amidst all of the bad things happening in Ferguson, it is important to remember the good, and the people who are trying to live their lives with just a bit of peace.